Looking for the best in a home security system? Home security systems add a layer of protection to your home, whether it’s a small apartment or a palatial house. But finding the right home security system vendor or installer can be a big job. Who can you hire to recommend and install everything properly to keep your family and belongings safe?

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These are the top considerations for hiring a home security system or alarm installer:


First, make a list of local home security installers. We can help by showing you a list of professionals near you. Decide what key features on your home security systems are most important to you, such as monitoring service, in-house versus outsourced monitoring services, alarm monitors, video surveillance, mobile integration, and technology. A good installer will make recommendations that will fit your needs and budget.


Determine the installer’s credentials. If not listed on their web site, you may need to call to ask. 

License: You can verify your state’s license requirement for home security companies. Some states do require a license to sell, install, and monitor alarm systems. Most likely a licensed home security contractor does have to meet certain requirements including knowledge and competency related to the home security equipment and installation. 

Permit: Permitting is also an important item on your checklist. Verify with your local building agency to be sure you know what the process is for permitting. If your system includes remote monitoring or emergency response features, you most likely will be required an alarm permit.

Certification: Another question to ask potential home security companies is what training and certification they hold. There are some certifications for installation, specific to the home security products used. Also, some home security contractors have ESA training and certifications

Bonding and Insurance: Importantly, you should also determine that they are fully bonded and insured. This protects you financially if they do a poor job or don’t finish the project. Insurance protects your installer and your property in case injury or damages happen during the project. Make sure you get proof that they are bonded and insured.

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Referrals and Reviews

Review the home security system installer website and search for them for any reviews. Consider their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and ask friends and neighbors. You can also ask the company to provide you references that you can verify. 


You will discover that it is difficult to compare costs of home security systems and installation. This is partly because home security system installers don’t offer exactly the same products. It is best to do your research ahead of time and know what options are available and what you think your home might need. You can then have a budget in mind as you are interviewing installers.


Make sure to ask what warranties the security vendor offers. You’ll want to look at what things the warranty covers and what it doesn’t. Know if the warranty covers repairs and replacement and for how long. Once you have a contracted agreement with a home security installer, get the warranty in writing.


Most home security system companies will schedule an appointment to see your property so they can plan logistics and accurately calculate estimates. It is wise to get several quotes is wise so that you can properly compare options.

Final Word

Now you know what to consider as you are looking for a home security system installer. You are well on your way to enjoying the security that a new system provides for your home.  

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