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Smart homeowners insure themselves against such situation by investing in a home warranty coverage. This is an optional cover that will come to your aid when major appliances or systems in your home need repairs or replacements. It is different from the mandatory home insurance that covers the entire house from disasters.

If you are considering getting a warranty for your home, it basically means you are confident enough about all the equipment and appliances you have invested in and wish to have a peace of mind knowing that a third party will have your back when the inevitable happens.


  • What is the wear and tear state of your appliance and systems?
  • Are you planning to replace or upgrade your appliances soon?
  • Are there vital components in your appliances and house systems that the warranty does not cover?
  • How does the home warranty supplement or complement your homeowner insurance?
  • What is the upper limit for replacements and repairs for the home warranty you are considering?
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