Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

If you don’t have substantial funds to fix up your home, perhaps you are looking for a bathroom remodel on a budget. An upgraded bathroom is an expensive upgrade, but it will add value to your house in the long run. We all desire bathrooms that reflect our personal taste and are also functional. How do you achieve both? A lot of planning will go into it and you need to sort out the extent of changes and the budget accordingly, to strike the perfect balance. 

Here are a  few clever tips on how to be on budget while you go to fix up your bathroom.

Develop a Thorough Plan

Before going ahead with your bathroom renovation it is essential to have everything planned out from the budget to materials and a timeline. Do not assume anything. Put down everything on paper and then stick to the plan. It is best to find out the costs of the material or fixtures you are planning to change and also check their availability. Consult a professional to guide you better. It will be money well spent that can save you from a lot of hassle. So if you are unsure, instead of making expensive errors, get in touch with designers, architect, contractors, and vendors.

Limit the Use of Tiles

Tiles give a clean, sleek look and are easy maintenance. But these are expensive and having them from floor to ceiling can be heavy on the pocket. Either you can limit the area you want to cover with them or mix them with other cheap materials like wood etc. Use tiles creatively in areas with high impact to make a design statement. Floor tiles cover less area as compared to walls, so perhaps you can focus on the floor tiles and use less costly tiles on the walls. 

Mix the expensive tiles creatively so that you use less of these and are also able to develop a design or a pattern that creates interest. An option will be to use one wall as the main area of attention (feature wall) where you can use tiles to add the decorative appeal. Perhaps you also consider using the same tile throughout your home. With smart choices in tile selection and knowing where to install them, you can still give your washroom a luxurious feel without going overboard. 

Don’t Touch the Plumbing

Save yourself thousands of dollars and do not touch plumbing as it may lead to unforeseen work. If you want to change the utilities like the toilet, shower, sink or tub, do not change the location. It is best to leave drainage and water supply as they are because this is where the real expense occurs. Plumbing fixtures should only be moved with the help of a professional. And these professionals demand a lot of money for their labor work. This is one sure way to remodel a bathroom on a tight budget.

Add Mirrors or Frame Them

A mirror is a must-have in the washroom, but can be used as a design element to make washrooms look more spacious and beautiful. They can brighten up the room as they reflect light and can make any area stand out. 

Install a full-wall mirror if you have a small bathroom and want to create the illusion of more space. It will give a grand look and add a touch of glam. Another idea to add a decorative touch is to have the mirror framed. The frame design can be sleek, modern or classy and vintage, it all depends on your personal taste and the style of the room. You can also use a cluster of mirrors and dedicate a wall to them. The options are plenty, so have fun experimenting with this bathroom upgrade. It will instantly elevate the entire look of the room and won’t break the bank.

Change or Reface Cabinet Doors

You do not have to install a new vanity or cabinets, if the old ones look a bit outdated. You can freshen the room by stripping the old hardware and getting new or changing the drawer faces and painting them with any color you fancy. The right paint in the right place can make a big statement. Buying and installing the cabinets can drive up the cost of any remodel project. Instead go for new cabinet doors that will cost you a fraction of the price of new cabinetry and bring life to the room. 

Add More Lighting

Lighting can add dramatic effects to enhance the beauty of any space. Lighting fixtures can improve the room’s efficiency where you have to get ready for the day and can act as a design enhancement tool. You can focus on vanity lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, layered lighting, under-cabinet lighting, back lit mirror, even a chandelier or any type of decorative lighting that you think can fuse function with fashion.

Use Paint 

Don’t underestimate the power of paint. This bathroom improvement will not take much time or a lot of money and can instantly remake the look and feel of the room. You can add any color to a wall, floor or in any little corner and see the powerful impact it can have. You can contrast it with the color scheme. If the room is too dull, go for cheerful colors and if it is already too bright select a neutral to balance it out. With a simple can of paint and some creativity you can do wonders. It is the most effective, quick and affordable way to spruce up your bathroom space.

Refinish your Tub 

Getting a new tub installed can be quite expensive and take a lot of time. The tub itself is high-priced and then add in other costs including the labor, the removal, plumbing job and the tile expenses. All this means a lot of hassle, money and time. Try to fix the tub and go for tub refinishing. Although in this case also you will need to pay the labor price, but this is something that only the professionals can handle. Getting your tub resurfaced will still cost you less than getting a new one. 

Update Fixtures

At times updating the fixtures is all you need to make your bathroom new again. We often tend to ignore the details. So when going for bathroom improvements, see if the sink faucets, drawer pulls and door handles etc need updating. They may seem insignificant, but these small investments contribute to the entire look of the room and you’ll save on your bathroom remodel budget.


Updating your bathroom improves the value of your home and certainly makes it more enjoyable for you. Take the time to plan it out and use some of our tips so that you will spend less on your remodel.