Important Considerations for the Right Roofing Contractor

Finding the right person to fix or replace a roof could easily pass as one of the most daunting tasks homeowners have to do. Because after the foundation the roof is the least repaired or replaced parts of a house, most homeowners typically do not see the need of having a professional and experienced contractor’s contacts on their speed dial—not unless they live in an area prone to damaging hurricanes and winds of biblical magnitudes. It is also understandable that there aren’t as many roof repair specialists compared to contractors who are versed with every other part of the house.

If you are a homeowner and the time to repair, replace, or even just assess the state of your home’s roof has come, then it is necessary to do your homework and ensure that you find an choose from qualified and experienced roofing contractors. You can never be too careful about whom you entrust to climb on your most prized possession’s roof. You must never settle for anything short of the best.

To guide you find the right person or company for the job, here are five of the most important factors you must consider during your search.

Price isn’t the most important thing
The mistake most homeowners make is to compare the various available contractors based on how much they charge first. This is a big mistake because you will only get for the services you pay for. If you can afford to gamble on the quality of service to save a few hundred bucks, then do not be surprised when your new roof starts falling apart even before a year passes.

Even before you begin looking for a contractor, whether your search will be online or locally driving from one office to another, you must write down your priorities, and the cost should be the last on the list.

Value qualifications and experience the most
What is most important when looking for a contractor varies from one homeowner to another. One may consider insurance and license as the most important while another will look for a contractor proficient in a specific type of job they want done on their roof. All said and done, how well qualified the contractor is and how long they have been in the business will determine the quality of service they will provide.

You will probably shortlist five to ten potential contractors during the first phase of the search. Among your very first filtration criteria should be the qualifications of the team members who will carry out the inspection and the actual repair or makeover of the roof. This is important to filter out quacks and storm chasers.

Make sure the contractor is insured and bonded
Carrying out repairs or maintenance on your roof is going to be costly, not only in terms of money, but also time and convenience for you and your family. This is the one home improvement project you cannot afford to get wrong. Make sure that the contractor you hire provides liability insurance and compensation to its workers and is bonded to protect yourself and your home from possible accidents.

Before you settle on a contractor you choose, be sure to ask to see certificates and confirm with the insurer that they are valid. This will keep all your bids on a level playing field and you will have a peace of mind knowing that the service you are paying for is also protected to protect you, the client.

Communication. Communication. Communication.
There is a saying that most disagreements arise from miscommunication, or the lack of communication. Wouldn’t you rather a contractor repeats themselves for clarity rather than leave you guessing and assuming?

Notice the early red flags such as failing to return your calls, taking weeks to give a simple quote, or failing to send all documentation you ask for. Ask obvious questions about your roof such as how popular the type is on the market and whether there are any concerns you need to know about before the work begins. The clarity and promptness of the answers will be an early indication as to how well you are going to relate and work with the roofing contractors you settle on.

When a roofing inspection, repair, or maintenance job is done right, it should be once-in-a-decade task that should not require you to have the contractor’s number on your speed dial. This alone is a good enough reason to take all precautions to ensure you hire only the best contractor for the job. These few considerations are a starting point to point you in the right direction as you begin your search.