To Repair or Replace Your Windows: Here is How to Know

Your home, probably your most valuable investment, may not be able to talk to you. But if you care about it, you should be able to see the signs when something isn’t right. The windows, in particular, are very communicative. It is not difficult to tell when they need some attention. The answers on whether to repair or replace are the only options available when this happens. No matter how high quality or well-maintained your windows are, at one point you will have to listen to the creaks, see the peeling paint, or even consider an upgrade if only to save energy. So, how do you decide whether to replace or repair your windows?

window replacement installation with contractor in front of windows

Here are four crucial considerations that will guide you as you prepare for your next home improvement project: project windows.

Are the windows damaged, broken, or warped?

For minor problems on the windows caused by accidents and normal wear and tear, most times it is best to repair instead of replace. In fact, when a window is broken or not operable, your first option should be to repair it. However, you will need to assess the damage, and especially the part that is damaged, and determine which is more cost-effective: a repair or a replacement. If the frame or the sash is damaged and could cause further harm to the walls of the house, a replacement is inevitable. If the window is drafty, sticks, or the hinges or rails are damaged, you may be able to replace the parts and not the whole window. Pay close attention to what the window is trying to communicate and use that as the basis to make a decision.

Are you giving your home an overall makeover?

Windows are undeniably one of the most prominent parts of your home, and if they do not look as good as the house then they will be an eye-sore. If you are planning a makeover for the entire house, you will have to assess the state of each window, checking for any damages, and determine which ones can be replaced and which ones are irreparable. Damages, such as color fading and design mismatch, have a direct impact on the longevity of your home. If your next home project is to upgrade the appearance of your home, it is important that all the windows complement the overall design of the house even if it means replacing them.

Did your home just survive a disaster?

Hurricanes, floods, heavy winds, a fire, or earthquake are huge disasters that can cause a lot of damage to your property. In most cases, windows suffer the most because they are not as strong as walls or properly reinforced like doors. If your project involves fixing the damages caused by a disaster, the answer to replace or repair windows lies in the extent of the damage -especially check out the frame of the window, the moving parts, and the walls around it. You will have to examine each window individually and refer to the first point of this post to determine whether you will have to replace or simply repair.

Do you want to save money on the energy bill?

Windows are very important because they are opened or closed to regulate the indoor temperature to match the outside. During extreme weather such as summer when it is hot and you have to use energy to cool the house. During the winter when it is freezing and you have to heat up the house, a drafty window will waste a lot of the energy used to heat. You will have to replace your windows if they are costing you energy. More energy-efficient windows are newer in the market and cost much less than they did a decades ago. If your home is not so new, you may have no choice but to replace the windows to save money on energy bills in the long run.


Repairing is often cheaper and quicker than replacing, but your bottom line should be the return on your investment. There is no blanket answer to the replace vs repair the window question, so you will have to weigh the extent of the damage or the benefits of each before you implement your next home improvement project.