Top 10 Home Security Companies [Updated]

Top 10 Home Security Companies [Updated]

Burglary in America has been on the rise over the recent years. The average loss from burglary is reported to be close to  $2,800. Choosing a reliable home security system can be quite tricky; a system that is perfect for one homeowner may not be for another. In order to find a system tailored to your needs, it is important to have a good understanding about different home security companies and what they offer. We break down our top 10 best home security companies. 

Alder Security

Alder has taken the home security industry by storm. Its motto ‘Total Life Safety’ is true to the core. This is because the company offers the best life safety devices. Its system includes security cameras, entryway sensors, environmental monitoring devices, medical emergency pendants for seniors and much more.

The most impressive feature of Alder Security is its quick response time (5 seconds on average). They use 4G LTE cellular monitoring, which is the gold standard for monitoring nowadays.

Alder Security comes with a number of guarantees. This includes the free equipment guarantee which means they will replace the equipment if it breaks; the free move guarantee ensures you get a new free security system in case you decide to move. Lastly, they give free labor guarantee as well. The technician sent to your home won’t charge for installation or repair.

Vivint Smart Home

For smart home automation and complete home protection, Vivint is the best option. The company’s award-winning mobile app allows remote access which means it tracks input from sensors to manage and automate your smart home. This feature allows Vivint to make decisions for the security of your home based on factors like geolocation, history and sensors.

Vivint’s door and window motion sensors are particularly intelligent. You can even set them to ignore your pets and only detect motion from humans.

Vivint’s packages come with The Smart Hub, a 7-inch touchscreen tablet that attaches to the wall. On this screen you can live stream the videos of all Vivint cameras. The home screen of The Smart Hub displays icons that allow for simple navigation. There are well-designed icons for Emergency, Fire and Panic through which you can turn on the 100dB alarm and quickly get in touch with the EMS, police and fire protection.

ADT Home Security Systems

ADT is among the most well-reputed home security brands. It is especially known for its reliable monitoring and high quality equipment.

One of the biggest advantages you have with ADT is that they can customize a home security system according to your needs. Their sales agents are extremely helpful and efficient in this regard. ADR offers four main packages: Basic Security with cellular, Basic Security with a landline, ADT Pulse Home Automation + Video and ADT Pulse + Video.

The company’s monitoring centers are spread across America. So even if one monitoring center goes offline, another will make sure you do not lose protection.


SimpliSafe offers basic DIY protection at affordable prices. The system installation merely takes ten minutes and the mobile app is super easy to use. The company’s home security system is ideal for people who rent. You can carry the wireless equipment anywhere without having to worry about installation fees or penalties. SimpliSafe has no long-term contracts. If low-cost monitoring, no contracts and easy DIY installation is what you’re looking for, SimpliSafe is the answer.

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint’s commitment to customer satisfaction is par excellence. It allows its customers to enjoy GE devices and DIY systems without any long-term contract or hidden charges. The company’s home security system may not have high-tech features like Alder and Vivint, but its intrusion features like LTE cellular monitoring, environmental monitoring and video surveillance are all very reliable. With Frontpoint’s touchscreen control panel, you can easily control the system. It has ‘Smash and Crash protection’ so if someone attempts to manipulate your system, the Rapid Response monitoring center will be automatically notified.

Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security is a good choice for those looking for low-cost home security, a decent lineup of features and reliable professional monitoring. It offers three packages to choose from. This includes one that features Google Nest Security. You can install and try the Brinks system for up to 30 days with money-back guarantee. However, if you cancel it after a month, you’ll have to pay 100% of the remainder of the contract. Brink’s equipment largely focuses on home security basics such as motion detectors, carbon monoxide monitoring and entry sensors.

Protect America

Protect America offers one of the most low-cost home security systems with flexible monitoring options. Among the most impressive aspects of this company’s offerings are its customer-friendly policies which include providing lifetime rate-lock and lifetime equipment warranty. Protect America home security system offers basic landline monitoring which makes it an apt choice for people living in rural areas where cellular signals may be an issue.

Deep Sentinel

If you want proactive home security service then you should go for Deep Sentinel’s home security system. It is a clear winner when it comes to stopping a crime beforehand. With a blaring-loud siren, two-way talk and flashing lights, the company’s human guards proactively monitor the perimeter of your property. But bear in mind that Deep Sentinel is a system that relies on live surveillance. There are no sensors that would alert you in case of a break-in. Also the monthly monitoring service might be expensive.


If you already have a smart home, then Abode home security system may be exactly what you are looking for. Abode fits seamlessly into your existing smart home products. There aren’t any long term contracts and it’s extremely affordable. There is even a basic option with no monthly charges and for a small monthly fee you can incorporate professional monitoring. Easily add different products like glass break sensors, temperature, humidity and light sensor and water leak sensor. This is the perfect home security system if you are looking for the ultimate DIY.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers customization on everything ranging from the contract length to the security equipment. It has a highly rated mobile app, Crash and Smash protection with all plans and extra sensors for almost everything. Even in its basic package there are a total of 48 sensors and the basic monitoring even includes fire. All the Link Interactive products are priced separately so you choose exactly what you need and not pay for what you don’t. Another great thing we like about Link Interactive is that the contracts can be as short as one year, unlike other companies who offer a standard 3-year contract.