Different Roofing Options For Your Home

Beautiful tan roof on White House

A roof has a huge impact on the exterior and the overall look of your house. Other than being aesthetically appealing, it needs to be strong and durable to protect your home. At times, some areas have building codes and you can only use the roofing materials approved by the local government. Therefore, investigate the roofing codes of your area, the requirements and the restrictions, before beginning the roof selection process. It is also a good idea to research the neighborhood and see which roofs are more popular. The market of roofing materials has evolved in recent years and choosing the right material can be overwhelming. To choose the appropriate roof for your home, weigh factors like the material’s appearance, weight, cost, longevity, installation, architectural style of your home, structural issues and local weather. Your contractor will also have a lot of information on what could work best with your home and your town’s rules and regulations. It is important to educate yourself about the different types of roofing options you can have, to make an informed choice. 

Here is an overview of a few trending roofing options to help you make the right choice.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is a cheap roof material that provides a durable roofing solution. It is the most commonly used material in North America because it offers many advantages over other materials. Asphalt roofing shingles are easy to install and save labor cost. It can be found in many colors, textures and shapes, so you have a lot of choice to select the one that complements your house color and design. This roofing material is more suited for steep and angled roofs. As it is available in different shapes, you can give your roof top a distinct look by using a unique shape and can install them in different ways to create a new pattern.

The asphalt roof is easy to maintain and most cost-effective. With proper care, you can increase its longevity. Another benefit is that it can resist harsh weather conditions and if installed with fibreglass matting it becomes fire-resistant as well. In case of damage, an asphalt roof can be easily repaired. The eco-friendly material is neither heavy nor very light and this fact also makes it a more durable material. An asphalt shingle roof  doesn’t absorb heat, so it can keep the inside of a home at a comfortable temperature. These roofs can also block out outside noise. The material can be recycled and used in driveways.

Wood Roofs

Wooden roofs are a timeless classic. The natural tones of wood shingles and shakes lend a natural look to the roof and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.  Shingles are machine cut with neat edges, while shakes are hand-cut and offer a more rustic appearance. Wood is eco-friendly, durable and it ages beautifully. Before opting for this material, you will have to check with the local authorities, if it is considered a fire hazard and allowed to be used in your area. Certain woods are more expensive than the others. Oak and cedar are more durable, but they cost a lot as well. The cost of your wood roof will depend on the type of wood you settle for. As each wood shingle or shake will have unique grains, your roof will also be unique. Wood roof requires easy maintenance and the repair is also simple.  It provides natural insulation, decreasing your heating and cooling bills. Wood is also recyclable.

Tile & Cement Roofs

This material has been used for ages and is still in style. Tile and cement roofs look attractive and can last a lifetime. These cost a lot as well, but then it is a one time expense. The process of installation of clay or cement tiles is also long. Concrete and clay tiles are more commonly used  for roof tops and add a charm to the overall look of the house. They are easy to maintain, are energy efficient and fire-resistant.

Clay tiles come in natural red and pink shades, which hardly fades. Clay tiles are more long-lasting as compared to cement ones. They are cheaper as well. The downside is that they may be difficult to install, thus more suited for roofs that have broad uninterrupted spaces. Both clay and cement tiles are heavy and will need strong support. Tiles are recyclable.

Metal Roofing

Metal is becoming  a popular roof material as it gives a more sleek and contemporary look. But there are other reasons for its growing demand which includes the durability factor. Metal is recognized for its resistance to harsh weather as well as fire.  It is quite lightweight and can last for a very long time with minimal care. However, the tradeoff is that this roofing option is expensive; but then that also increases your house’s worth. It comes in a broad spectrum of colors and finishes. Some of the common metal roofs are aluminium, copper, metal tile, metal slate, steel, corrugated roofs among others. Metal roof installation is easy and will not take a long time which can be crucial if there is forecast of a storm. It is a recyclable material. 

Slate Roofs

The natural stone product beats all other conventional materials when it comes to quality and durability. It lends your home a classy beauty and a luxurious appearance. Slate is considered gold standard and can resist extreme weather, fire and even blunt force impact, thus it is the safest material. It can last over a century. However, it is also the most expensive material and the heaviest as well. Slate is available in different sizes and thicknesses.  The color choices are also varied ranging from gray to purple, red, black, green and more. You can also mix different colors. It is a reusable and recyclable material.

For all kinds of materials, it is advised to let the professionals do their job. What you must do is find a quality installer and discuss the roof options with your builder before going ahead with the construction work. Remember, the performance of your roof can depend on the skill of the installer.